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  • February 18, 2024

5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Virtual Office in Nairobi

5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Virtual Office in Nairobi

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For the past while you’ve been working from home or spending far too much money on an office space that’s beyond your needs. Perhaps it’s time you explored the option of a virtual office in Nairobi.

A virtual office is an alternative to the conventional brick-and-mortar office space, providing an ultra-modern central location where people can work, conduct meetings and connect with like-minded professionals. The idea stems from a widespread desire to have more flexible working styles and affordable office space with up-to-date technology.

Whatever your profession or company size, a virtual office can offer the following advantages:

1. Convenience and Cost Savings

Virtual offices provide a flexible business location without having to sign multi-year leases and renting permanent space.

They are equipped with amenities such as a virtual receptionist and call handling (phone and answering services), which reduces the need for secretary or PA services. This makes it extremely favourable, especially, for start-ups and micro-businesses.

It is also significantly cheaper to use a virtual office than to rent space in Nairobi. Additionally, a virtual office aids cost savings by covering expenses such as Internet, water, and electricity. Business can funnel these savings into other profitable activities that will boost growth.

2. Legitimacy

A virtual office comes with a physical address that you can use for official business correspondence.

For those working from home, it provides the added benefit of not having to reveal their personal address.  Additionally, it provides a professional space where you can meet clients and conduct business.  

3. Job Satisfaction

Most people spend a considerable number of their productive hours stuck in daily traffic, especially in Nairobi.

A virtual office located outside the CBD terminates this drawback, making it possible for you to spend more time with your family and friends or to pursue other personal matters without necessarily “sacrificing” your work life. Commuting to work daily can be tiring and expensive in the long-run; a virtual office mitigates this by providing more flexibility in working arrangements.   

It’s becoming increasingly common to work independently from a flexible environment, spending less time behind a desk, and travelling less for work. Virtual offices are best suited to accommodate this trend since they are available in most major cities and have fewer distractions.

4. Optimality

For larger enterprises, a virtual office allows a greater number of employees to work at any given time. It can also enable a business to:

  • Free up space in its physical office, reducing overcrowding and increasing staff delegation.
  • Cushion the huge overheads, challenges and complications involved when relocating to a different location, scaling up operations or downsizing.
  • Increase employee engagement and decrease turnover by giving workers more independence, removing monotonous supervision or the drama of office politics.

5. Eco-friendliness

Virtual office space cuts down on the amount of waste being produced e.g. paper and printing ink, as most of the business is conducted digitally.

It also reduces the need for commuting which means lesser vehicles on the road, translating to lesser air and noise pollution within the city.

At OBG Virtual Office, we offer a state-of-the-art, fully furnished office space for professionals to conduct business in a comfy cost effective environment.

Whether you want to impress a client in an attractive meeting room or desire a peaceful working environment, the OBG Virtual Office is the ideal place for you.

To see pictures of our space, click here.

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